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Now change for me and probably for a lot of others as well is one of the most scary things, as we humans usually feel comfort in our every day routine and environment. But I see one big opportunity in change- it gives you the chance to rearrange your life and full fill dreams that have been put on hold for a while.

I was about nine years old, when my parents and I flew to Senegal to spend our vacation down there. We had a great time, traveled around the country, met different people and went to different villages to see how people lived.

I still have one picture in my mind, I never forgot and it made me realize two things.

I saw a few kids playing with a tin can. It was all they had. They slept in houses with barely anything in them and it made me feel bad for all the toys I had at home. So when we came home I called my grandma (she’s worked for social organizations) and told her I wanted donate a lot of toys to those kids in Africa and she called some organizations. We wrapped up packages and so I did.
I thought about these kids quite a lot. I didn’t like that I couldn’t do more for them back as a child.
A few years later I realized something different. These kids played with tin cans, but yet they weren’t unhappy with that. Would they have preferred something else, well I don’t really know and it’s not on me to judge that. As a child it was completely clear to me, but later on it wasn’t so much.

Yet I realized these kids might have been happier than I thought they were, but what made them happy wasn’t about the toys they had, but most likely the family spirit that was in this village. And I remembered the warm hearted look the mother gave these kids.

This isn’t the case for all children in Africa.

This vacation touched my heart and it made me want to help these children.
As quite a lot of things changed lately, I decided there’s no better time than now to do what I dreamed of for a few years now… This November I’ll be going to South Africa supporting 2 children projects down there for 2 months. I’m already very excited and curious what’s about to come.

Now why am I writing this on here.
Two things- I’ll upload my expierences most likely on a weekly basis- giving you the possibility to see what it is like down there.

The other thing is, I would love to reach out to you! You might feel like helping too, but can’t go down there yourself. Soon I will provide an adress in here, where you can send packages to and a time frame to send them. These packages can contain toys, drawing material, books(english), clothing- anything you can think of and I will take these things with me to my projects and give them to these children. In order to get a lot of things together you can even support by liking this article or sending it arround so more people will be reached.

Please understand that during my time down there, I will not be able to answer any messages send via the contact form or via mail.

To all of you supporting me in this, thank you so much for believing in me and caring for me! This will be one of the greatest projects of my life and I look so much forward to it.



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