My Heart & My Soul

I didn’t know what I was searching for, when I started looking for it. I just knew I didn’t feel complete. That was about 4 years ago.
I tried everything that was offered to me, took every chance, but yet that hole in my chest couldn’t be filled.
I gave up looking, not realizing it had been there right in front of me for quite a while.

About two years ago I took a beginners course in photography. I was the only person sitting in there with a tiny camera and it was so heavy on my heart. I wanted a DSLR just like all the other participants. I was still a student back then and started saving money wherever I could. And finally after 4 way to long months, I was able to buy a beginners model.
I seriously couldn’t stop taking pictures! Of course the first steps were not as easy as I thought, but my heart started to glow each second I held this camera. I wanted to get better so I learned, read books and took online classes.

Back then I knew I was on the right track, but my destination wasn’t clear.
Then last year it all came to a stop. Someone really close to me passed away.
It hurt me incredibly! I recaptured the memories in my head and remembered what she used to say to me:

  • enjoy life to the fullest so you can’t regret anything
  • be a one of a kind
  • listen to your heart
  • value each and everyone

I started to rethink my life and about one and half months later I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding. I thought about her and the things she taught me.
And when I took these wedding portraits, they opened my eyes to what I love doing the most in my life. My heart was not only glowing – it was set on fire!

So I started taking pictures of friends and that feeling grew. My heart is so filled with joy and love whenever I’m able to push the trigger of my camera.

I had found what I was looking for all along.  Photography makes me rejoice in a way I have never experienced before, in a way I never expected anything could.


Ever since I was a child I believe that those we love the most will guide our way. They will show us where to go and will bless us whenever we need it the most.

♥ You will always be in my heart and I thank you for guiding my way. It’s what I love the most! ♥


S U P P O R T   M E