3 days to go

I am getting more and more excited…
Everything is packed almost everything is prepared and I’m more and more ready to go.

Maybe some of you are interested on what I will be doing down there a little more detailed than helping children

When this idea came up, I looked up several organizations via unicef and the internet and enden up with two final choices: travelworks and praktikawelten.
Since it is not possible to stay with travelworks the entire 8 weeks I decided to have a switch in organizations after 4 weeks and I will then fly down to Sodwana Bay and join a different project.

In these projects I’ll have regular working hours down there so I will work from 7-17:30 each day in an orphanhouse where they have roundabout 200 children between age half a year and 6,5 years. I’ll just do everything that comes up – education, helping with homework, taking care of the babies, playing with the younger ones, simply helping them with everything they need.

During that time I’ll live in a volunteers house in both organizations. The one in cape town is not to far from the coast and pretty close to the city center. So I’m very excited how this will look like, who will stay there with me and what we are going to do on our free days (twice per week).
And of corse I’m even more excited about the first impressions with these kids!

For all of you wanting to support – I would love to get packages for these children down there so this is a little reminder. If you want to help please send a package to me!
The stuff does not need to be new, it can be outsorted toys,books or drawing material that is still in good shape.

To all my dear friends that have said good bye or are about to do so – thank you for all of your good wishes and support! I’ll miss you very much!

Just the address once more:

Anne Bauer

Suite 5, 1st Floor,
Radio House,
92 Loop Street,
Cape Town,

You can’t send a package but still feel like helping – no problem – share the article via clicking the like button, so it might reach someone who has children stuff they are about to throw away and they can send it to me!

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