2 weeks to go & address to send packages to

Amazing, scarry, exciting, thrilling- it’s all of this!

Almost everything is prepared- all flights are booked, yesterday my future home adress finally arrived, next week I will get the last inoculations and then I’m ready to go.

I also had a talk to the organization and besides my home address, they also provided me with an address to send packages to.
So for all of you wanting to support with packages, please send them to the following address:

Anne Bauer

Suite 5, 1st Floor,
Radio House,
92 Loop Street,
Cape Town,

You can start sending them now, even if they would arrive earlier, they will keep them for me and whenever I get there, we will discuss where the stuff is needed most and bring them to these kids.
Please keep in mind that it can take up to 4 weeks for packages to arrive. So it won’t make sense to send any packages 2 weeks after I left to this address. But I’ll hopefully be able to provide another adress for my second project in South Africa.


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